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Have you ever watched film’s or shows like Chef or Burnt or even Ratatouille and had a fantasy of maybe being a head chef and restaurateur yourself? Well, that moment has arrived! An investor of note has walked into the room and has charged you and your team with creating the best damn restaurant possible! You have complete carte-blanche, to create the most successful (boutique) restaurant you can, within the constraints of budget and space. It’s time to show the world your food-making chops and dazzle them with your cuisine creativity. Get ready to become Restaurant Managers!


The day started like any other day, waking up and got ready for work. Today you and your team are helping Momentum Automobiles, ahead of their new flagship car release, with their cyber-security. It should be easy sailing…at least that’s what you thought before you walked through the door.

Pandemonium…Momentum was hacked during the night, and on your company’s watch no less. Momentum and Interpol are drafting you and your team in to find the hackers, discover what was stolen, and deliver everything to the authorities before the hacker’s release everything to the public…and time is not on your side.


You are stranded on a deserted island. With no memory of how you got there or why you are there. But you’re not alone.

You and your team need to gather resources and determine which items you need to craft first in order to survive the elements and have any hope of being saved.

Time is against you and you are not the only ones trying to survive on this island…


You are part of a team on investigators and must solve a the mystery of a murder.

As you progress through the City you will each collect clues. And as only you can see them, you will need to communicate these clues to your colleagues.

Hopefully, as a group you will be able to build a picture of what has happened and capture the the individual responsible. 


Someone has managed to rob the most secure bank vault known in the City.

You and your team will need to gather clues and trace evidence to determine by who and how the vault was breached.

There is just one catch, due to sensitive nature of the contents of the vault you are only able to tell your colleague’s about you find, you cannot show it to them.

You are under pressure to find the culprit and the contents of the vault, so get going!


You are part of a crack task-force who has been given the task to solve conspiracy that is threatening a nation.

Unfortunately the only information available to your team and a collection of images and photographs.

The answer to what the conspiracy is and what is about to happen must lie within these images. It is up to you and your team to decipher there meaning.

Time is against you, as the plot is unfolding even while you work and it’s outcome won’t be good.


A gas explosion has occurred at local mining and refinement site. Your company is in full blown crisis mode.

How will you and your team deal with the crisis? How will you communicate what is needed to put the public’s mind at rest and how will you deal with the internal troubles that are arising from the crisis?

You will need to work together and solve this crisis under pressure, and it won’t be easy…


You’re not sure how or why the virus occurred. But you and your team are tasked with quarantining and logistics of getting those afflicted is safe area and those still health away from the illness.

This is about quick decision making, resource allocation, communication and working under pressure. The virus is still spreading and you can’t stop until they find a cure for it.


Have you seen Stranger Things or perhaps Stephen Colbert or Joe Manganiello or even Vin Diesel playing Dungeons & Dragons? Did you want to try it but felt that it might be too overwhelming to jump straight into such an alien fantasy experience?

Fret not, we can offer an accessible variant on the role-playing experience that allows you to be you but still enter a fictional narrative world. You and a group of others will face challenges where you will need to work together, communicate, plan and execute strategies and come out as the victors.

Expanding your world with adventure!

All of the game-based learning experiences that æStranger has to offer are based upon the concept of an Alternate Reality Experience. You will enter a world that is very similar to the one you live in, but you will be faced with challenges and stories that will remove you from the world of the everyday. These alternate realities will require you to overcome problems, puzzles, devise tactics & plans, all while being placed under pressure and working together as a cohesive team.


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