Visual Production & Editing

Editing Plans

Basic Plan

Short Basic Video Edit
  • Fast Visual Edit
  • Audio Edit & Clean-up
  • Green Screen Key

Advanced Plan

Larger involved edit
  • Full Visual Edit & Reviews
  • Audio Edit, Clean-up & Additions
  • Green Screen Key & Extra Visuals

Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is for individuals/companies who wish to create a short 2 – 5-minute corporate video.

This consists of taking a couple of takes of the speaker discussing their product on camera and creating a basic edit with Intro titles and End titles with a Call-to-action.

Work involved is usually no more than 1-2 hours of editing.

Advanced Plan

The Advanced Plan is for individuals/companies who wish to create a longer corporate video of several minutes.

This consists of taking several takes of the speaker and additional footage to fill out the narrative of the video and the product being delivered.

This package also includes the creation of Intro titles and End titles with a Call-to-action, as well as basic color correction and any other additions that the client may have that can fit within this package.

Work involved is usually a full day’s worth of editing time.

Why you should choose æStranger to edit your corporate videos?

At least 13 years of video production and editing experience.

A career spanning across short films, music videos, documentaries, and corporate videomaking.

æStranger has in the past and currently created and edited hours worth of content for various clients, such as:

  • Ashridge Executive Education
  • Hult International Business School
  • NelsonHall
  • ECB UK – John Neal
  • Canterbury University
  • Merck & Co.
  • and various…