The FOLD is an investigation syndicate.

We work in the shadows where other authorities can’t or won’t enter.

But we cannot do it alone, we, therefore, need you, Agent!

And we cannot do it without the right equipment and resources at our base of operations. 

Below you will see the progress towards each section of our base. As you complete the daily tasks we have set for you, we will get closer to getting a fully operational base.


Daily Challenges

Home Mission Hub


We have a mission for you, designation 4136.

It’s of utmost importance and we need you to get on it straight away.

SHADE is active again, and we need you to stop them.

Follow the link for all mission-critical updates!

Remember though, only go to the next page once you are at the designated location. SHADE is listening in and we don’t want to give away our hand unnecessarily, right agent?

Well good luck agent! We’re counting on you!

– The FOLD

Good day agent!

We need your help once again.

Our operations are likely to outstrip our current base at some point, therefore we need to think ahead.

And with that, we’d like you to go to these coordinates and explore the location, we believe that this can be a good starting location to set up a resource siphoning & mining base, and it will likely turn into a new mission hub for you, as we’ll need to help you get it up and running!

Here are the coordinates Agent Lena: 49.85559662861033, 8.701009698661492

Our intel shows that this could be worthwhile, though we expect that the setup to take some time, and from there you may be requested to explore the area once our satellite base has been set up there.

All the best Agent!

– The FOLD

Agent Lena,
We have received a concerning report that an unknown external spatial anomaly is disrupting work at the FOLD’s new base of operations. 
The only way we can continue with our work is if we have a research lab to investigate these kinds of anomalies.

I know we still need a power facility agent, but we can still build stuff and then power (hopefully).

We will need you to gain at least 3000 resource points from a location of your choosing in order to help us build the first level of our research lab. If you can achieve 3000 steps in the morning, afternoon and evening, then we’ll be on our way Agent!

As the spatial anomaly is outside, we recommend and indoor approach. 

Good Luck Agent!


We need you to head to this location:

49.860748, 8.6390854

In order to retrieve some valuable items for the Base. 

With each retrieval, we can siphon around 2000 resources for the base, so this request is mission-critical!

We hope we can count on you Agent!

– The FOLD


Sometimes we have to do non-glorious missions to allow us to do the epic ones.

We need you to keep an eye on the Waste accumulation of the base and to drop it off as soon as possible. Even 1 item can mean we recycle and retrieve 1000 resource points!

So Agent, can we entrust you to check daily for waste, even something as small a bottle can mean a big difference for the FOLD Base.

Waste disposal site: 49.8676613, 8.646767

All the best Agent!

  • The FOLD


We’ve been given a disturbing report from the local authorities. It would seem that an underground shadow organisation of some kind is operating in the area. 

As we are an investigation syndicate, we, and by we, we mean you, will need to go and investigate to see whether these claims are true and what this organisation is up to.

All we have at the moment is that they have been sighted at the below coordinates. Go there and meet with one of our operatives to determine what is going on.

Coordinates: 49.8608596, 8.6778556

Good Luck Lena!

  • The FOLD
As we move forward, we’re going to need stronger, faster, more powered investigators.
The FOLD has therefore come up with an idea for doing this, and you will be our front-runner in this new initiative.
As an initial test, we need you to take the provided Auvon Unit and Power Surge yourself for 10 minutes per day!
If you can manage this, then we’ll be able to siphon off 1000 resource points from various gathering efforts to support you in this trial!
Good Luck Lena!
Thanks to your assistance, the FOLD has decided it needs to expand its operations. 
But to do this we need resources and we need power, so who best to help us than our newest and brightest? In other words, YOU!
Naturally, we can’t do it alone, and neither can you. So, we’ll need your help to complete some daily tasks so that we can get the funds and manpower to get the FOLD’s new base of operations underway.
For this we need you to hit these 4 points:
Good Luck Agent!


Sometimes we just need scrape against the gravel and chip away at tough stuff every day.

With that, we need you to hit the grind and get those resources in.

If you can’t manage the other missions, then fear not, as long as your hitting 1500 steps at least 6 times a day, and you let us know, then we’ll be able to siphon off 1000 resources points for each set from our other teams!

This is dividing and conquering Agent! 

So Good Luck!


We have another mission for you Lena.

This is your standard delivery & pick-up mission, but it is time-sensitive.

We need you to follow the route given below but in order to gain the resources needed, you are required to either drop off or collect valuable items from the midpoint location.

If neither items are collected or dropped, we, unfortunately, won’t get the resource we need. So be vigilant Agent!

49.8690721, 8.6577111

Good Luck Lena!


Upcoming Mission Hub

FOLD Base of Operations

Before we can do anything, we need power to the base. 

We’ll start with a basic power facility, once that is up and running, we can start unveiling what we can build and upgrade in the base.

We need 18000 resource units to build the second level of our power facility.

Power Facility Level 2

As events are continuing without us, we will need to look to the future.

As such we’ve decided to start building a Research Lab, and when we have the Power Facility up, we can at least power that and hit the ground running.

We need at least 15000 resource units to build the first level of our basic research lab.

Research Lab Level 1
Research Lab Level 1 5%


FOLD Base Progress

Come back every day to see how your progress is going.

As you achieve each progress point, you will unlock more areas of the base to build, improve and use for the various investigations that the FOLD is involved in.

We need your help, Agent!