Welcome back Agent L-Dub. We have something different for you today after your lengthy hiatus. Base has been rebuilt and we have a lot more resources at our disposal, which will be useful for this. We intercepted some chatter from the local authorities, there’s been a murder at a hotel. Which ordinarily wouldn’t be odd but seeing as people aren’t staying at hotels lately and the fact this man has been strung-up and gutted got our attention. It sounded too much like DUSK and, or SHADE. We need you to head to the hotel and make contact with the authorities there and see what’s going on. Good luck agent.
Go to: 49.871151248786504, 8.631865101619402
Well you must be the new agent they sent my way…I’m Sergeant Shtick, lead on the scene here. They said you would be going around and looking at things. You got any ideas on who this could be? You’re welcome to have a look at the body and what’s been done to it.
Looking at the body you notice it’s been exsanguinated like the body at the station that one time. Looking closer at how it’s been gutted you realise it’s a hunting technique. You make an educated guess as to which it is: Only slicing from sternum or stomach
Right, well, you know some gory stuff there Agent…You’re clearly the real deal…Our officers found some evidence around the room. It would appear the fella’s name was Danny Cheng, apparently a research student. He did have a receipt for renting an office nearby…guess I’ll hand that to you then? You’re welcome to chase the lead…
Got to: 49.86583430431419, 8.63521931817665
Okay Agent, well done on handling the local fuzz. We got our first lead and we’ve arrived at the office complex. It appears to be closed…What we need to ask ourselves is why DUSK or SHADE decided to brutally kill a research student…and why that student would’ve rented an office here before going to the hotel? We’ll need you brainpower on this one Agent. We’re going to run a quick database search of the office complex and see if we come up with anything Agent.
Alright, so it appears Danny came here and rented an office for a few hours. Not clear what he was doing, it was just a single, no conference or anything. His temporary address he gave was…yet another hotel…okay that’s just odd. Let’s head there and see if they have any more information on our mysterious Danny Cheng.
Got to: 49.863455371333416, 8.642816830835969
The next hotel…this is turning into a bit of a scavenger hunt here Agent…Okay let’s see what we can discover from the next hotel. I’ll need to gain access to this database as well. So if you can give me a little assistance that’d be appreciated. So, this is a pretty easy system…it’s encryption is just a math problem really. It looks like Fermat’s Last Theorem x2+y2=z – pretty sure this was solved right?
The theorem was solved.
Thanks Agent. Well we’ve uncovered a bit more about our guy. It looks like he was a Chemical Engineer Research Student at the University here. And that he had booked this hotel 2 days before ending up dead at the other hotel. And he had arrived here with a carsharing service. So why are DUSK and SHADE meeting with a Chemical Engineering student? We’ll need to head to this carsharing service…see where Danny came from and why he’s meeting with dark agencies and what they are planning next…it doesn’t look good Agent.
Go to: 49.858726, 8.641325
Car-sharing…well I’ve kept on digging Agent…and I have some bad news…it looks like Danny Cheng used to work for the Base, before DUSK blew it up…He was one of ours, I guess they tried to turn him or he turned or something, that I’m not sure and we need to find out. Whichever the case, he’s dead now and they either got what they wanted or they’re going to go after someone else.
The car-share database is pretty easy and it looks like Danny Cheng took the car from a local theatre, along with an extra passenger…Of whom we have no discernible data, it could be a friend, partner or a DUSK agent. Let’s head there before the lead goes cold…as 4 days have passed now between Danny being dead and Danny being a theatre patron. And we need to find out what DUSK or SHADE are doing killing off former assets.
Got to: 49.855369351522306, 8.645984655809624
The theatre…ahh, doesn’t it just feel like we’re playing a grand part in some strange play? No? alright well we need to figure out what’s going on here. DUSK or SHADE, probably SHADE to be honest, are trying again to get something from the University here, last time they blew up X-Pose and took a hostage. Now they’re murdering former assets.
What do we know so far agent? X-Pose was blown up using her own explosives. SHADE were trying to acquire some sort of bio-chemical weapon. They took a teddy hostage for insurance. A Chemical research student was murdered. v. Likely new chemical-explosive weapon being created.
Well with that information it looks like SHADE has a new plan and a new target. We need to figure out what it is that they are trying to do and how this links to their previous attacks. I would say we focus on the weapon possibilities. Let’s head to a bio research centre near here and see if we can access their database with you on location. It’s gonna be another dangerous one I fear Agent.
Got to: 49.852828, 8.657663
If SHADE are going for a new weapon, this is my best bet to find out anything from their previous attacks that links with this new one Agent. I’ll need you to hang around here for a moment so that I can get a direct link with this companies database.
Thanks for waiting Agent, it wasn’t too difficult but that last lining up of connections needed an extra hand. Alright, what have we got here? Ok so SHADE did try and contact the bio-centre but were unsuccessful…and it appears Danny Cheng had a connection to the centre as well. Hmm let me see if there’s anything from the Asset files that we can use…ah one of our last contacts with Danny was at a nearby garden…with…Agent D-Sep…oh well…good luck with that one Agent.
Got to: 49.855115, 8.662956
Hiya Agent L-Dub’s, good to see/hear you again! It’s Agent D-Sep if you were wondering. Coming at ya through the com-device…bit dangerous to meet out in the open if ya know what I mean 😉. Anyways…ya askin about Danny ‘eh…Good chap…dead chap…All I know is he stop returnin my calls about 6 days ago. We was suppose to discuss him being contacted by some shady dude about chemicals…then silence. Happy to accompany you virtually to the last place we heard from Danny, and where was supposed to meet this dude.
You reluctantly let D-Sep accompany you...
Click Here
Well gee-whiz L-Dubs, this’ll be fun! Two agents out in the field, doing fieldwork, just like last time…Sorry about the pond thing by the way…Anyways…Danny was suppose to meet the Shady dude at a Sports Complex, I’ve sent you the location data for it. Let’s head there and see what’s what.
Go to: 49.858886, 8.668368
Still me here L-Dubs…D-Sep if you were wondering. So this is where Danny C was suppose ta meet the Shady dude…Not sure why…But, wait hold…I’ve got something on scanners…There latent trail here or someone trying to hide their presence. I think we might have a live one L-Dubs. You’re going to have to be fast if we want to catch this one. Might be ‘ol Danny’s killer even, wouldn’t that be exciting.
You wonder whether want to take up the chase. And you think, "Fuck it, lets get on with it.
Alright, L-Dubs, on your marks get set…wait hold on don’t go yet…I didn’t say start…ah whatever…head to the Entrance of the university then, maybe we can collect some clues on why they went after Danny and what SHADE is up to…
Go to: 49.861545, 8.675148
Danny was a 5th year student doing chemical research here. He was supposed to be helping Base with figuring how to disarm chemical explosives, but as we were bringing him in as a top-level asset, he got spooked suddenly. Said he was being targeted. So I said I’d meet him…but yeah, he never showed. Let’s check the first point in the Uni L-Dubs.
Go to: 49.860745, 8.675624
Some of the sculptures along here are supposed to be art, but Danny said they were actually C4 being dried out to be used as building demolition props…pretty cool huh. Looks like the signature of the individual is near the Thermodynamics building…That doesn’t bode well…Maybe they needed Danny to make a chemical thermite bomb…That’d be some nasty stuff. Head there quick agent.
Go to: 49.860831, 8.678843
He’s still ahead of us agent, I think he got our scent. Though the ping on our instruments shows he got something hot with him…Let’s just hope that isn’t a live bomb that’s giving off the heat signature. Keep following him L-Dub!
Go to: 49.861338, 8.678870
We’ve lost him agent…Something is messing with our instruments…Hmm…Oh no, wait I was looking at the wrong thing…Oops…yeah he’s heading to…the…BANK!? Don’t tell me this has all been a heist after all of this. Go Go Go Agent! Before anyone gets hurt!
Go to: 49.861443, 8.680565
It was a decoy L-Dubs…he wanted us to think he went to the back, he’s giving us the run around through this maze of buildings. I’ve got his next ping. Keep the chase up!
Go to: 49.861446, 8.681930
He’s around the next bend agent! Run for it now, head straight for the big Cog or Gear, whatever you want to call it! Run Agent! RUN!
Go to: 49.860597, 8.682016
Can you see him Agent? He’s exiting the mage finally. The heat signature that’s with him is still strong. But it’s small, I’m not sure what he’s got with him, but definitely not good. If we let him escape the area, we won’t know where he’s going next. You have to catch up to him and stop Agent L-Dub.
Go to: 49.860607, 8.684784
He’s out of the maze of building agent! I think I might be able to get a satellite visual on him now. Just give me a second while I calibrate the camera and the range sensors for this area.
Oh my…well I didn’t expect that. He doesn’t have a bomb with him agent, he has a teddy bear…and it’s moving on its own…Oh no…don’t tell me, the hostage they took last time, they experimented on it and converted it into an agent of SHADE?! Let’s hope its not too late for the teddy, if we can catch then maybe there might still be a chance to save him.
They’re nearing the tram station, I doubt they’ll get on it, too conspicuous with a walking, talking teddy bear.
Go to: 49.86090612935193, 8.6875278998976
They’ve ducked into the forest Agent. We need a moment to regroup here. We’re just not catching up to them and they seem to know what we’re doing next. Let’s stay here and give them false location data, in case they’re tracking us like we’re tracking them.
You remain in position for a short while.
Alright agent…Let’s get moving again, we’ll head to the animal sanctuary just ahead, and from there we’ll ping the SHADE operative again and determine where they’ve gone. And hope to god we catch up to them and save the teddy in time.
Go to: 49.866318, 8.681880
Okay agent, we’re at the animal sanctuary, time to ping the shizzle out of this operative and put the fear of justice into him!
Pings go off wildly through your comm system.
HAH! Got him, he’s rabbiting! And fast…crap…maybe that was too effective…sorry agent, it appears he’s ahead of again…oops… Looks like he’s headed to some swanky mansion…
Go to: 49.868768, 8.673898
Whatever he was doing here, he’s done it. But I’m wondering why he stopped here and then ran when we pinged him. Give me a sec agent, I want to see who the owner is of this mansion.
You wait patiently while D-Sep checks the records of the mansion.
Click Here
You won’t believe this L-Dub…but the owner of this place is…X-Pose…Why would she own this mansion…this is all very strange, and why would an agent of SHADE come here for whatever reason? Was X-Pose doing a personal investigation, was that why Danny got involved? Too many questions, for now the only one with the answers is the operative and the teddy! I got the next ping agent, it’s through the park.
Go to: 49.874689, 8.670666
Alright…almost there agent, just across this crossroad and we’ll have the operative in our sights! As far as I can tell they’ve been standing still at the next ping for a while now. Let’s take it easy and quietly and see if can sneak up on them.
Go to: 49.87623774272098, 8.663127689174873
Okay we’re here agent…I’ve got the heat source somewhere in this area…Let me just triangulate it.
***Triangulation underway***
Got a hit L-Dub! It’s a…bomb…shit…umm…oh no wait…it’s a pager…ha..ha…sorry…it’s beeping, and it’s got a message. See what it the message is Agent.
You listen to the message and discover it’s from an electronic voice, instructing you to head to the museum in the city centre. It tells you that if you wish to find the answers you seek and rescue those in need, then speak with the director of the museum.
Well that’s very cryptic…as we’ve also lost all signature of the operative and the teddy…whatever the pager has embedded in it scrambled our trackers completely… the museum it is then…
Go to: 49.87499318020291, 8.654207193841405
Here we are agent, the Museum. Let’s see if we can find where this directors office is.
D-Sep searches for an address.
Crap…I’ve got some bad news agent…Seems there’s an investigation going on into the director…let me see why…right…well turns out he’s been murdered. Fuck…may need to stand down for now agent, at least until I can get us access to the investigation and put you on the team. It’s the only real lead we’ve got..First X-Pose, then Danny and now the Director…Looks like SHADE is eliminating anyone that gets too close. I’ll be in contact L-Dub.
You receive an order from FOLD to stand down for now. They recommend to head home and wait for the next course of action.
Head on home Agent L-Dub
See you soon!