Restaurant Manager Scenario Pack


Restaurant Manager is an adventure experience that uses the narrative of setting up a restaurant and getting it ready to provide a full service to customers for just one day, its opening day.
Within the scenario, players will be placed into teams of 5-7 people and will be tasked with various objectives.

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The Story:

Have you ever watched film’s or shows like Chef or Burnt or even Ratatouille and had a fantasy of maybe being a head chef and restaurateur yourself? Well, that moment has arrived! An investor of note has walked into the room and has charged you and your team with creating the best damn restaurant possible! You have complete carte-blanche, to create the most successful (boutique) restaurant you can, within the constraints of budget and space. It’s time to show the world your food-making chops and dazzle them with your cuisine creativity. Get ready to become Restaurant Managers!

Learning & Outcomes

Teamwork – Closer to a more traditional team-building experience where participants are given a single collective goal that they need to achieve by figuring out each other’s strengths, weaknesses and roles to accomplish the objective.

Working under pressure – As there is a deadline to getting the restaurant up and running, participants will feel the stress of time running out as they likely try to perfect their own ideas of what an ideal restaurant is.

Data gathering & analysis – As the subject is not a common one, participants will need to research extensively in the little time they have to be able to create a successful restaurant concept.

Difficulty Level – Intermediate

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