Our Services & Products

Have a look through our services and products to see which suit your needs and solve your problems.

Game-based learning Experiences

æStranger offers various Game-based Learning experiences centered around an immersive narrative and light role-playing. These experiences are focused on building better communication and collaboration in teams. And to challenge and test your participants.

Gamification Solutions

At æStranger we offer a variety of game-based solutions, such as consulting services, gamification workshops, courses, gameful design sessions and more.


æStranger has various written offerings around Gamification and Game-based Learning experiences. As well as published books on Gamification & Marketing.

æStranger Shop

The æStranger shop has various stand-alone products around Gamification and Game-based Solutions. These range from self-facilitation packs to eBooks & more.

If you feel inspired and would like to try gamifying your own website, then GamiPress is all you need to gamify your WordPress website. It has all the basics you need to get started straight away.