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Learning through Adventure & Storytelling


Consultation Sessions

Do you require a game-based solution to a specific business problem?
If so, we offer tailored session-based services that can help you solve those problems in small bite-sized meetings.

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If you require larger more holistic solutions to your business problems, then we also offer multi-day consulting options where we work with you to research your target audience, what you are able to offer them and the desired actions and outcomes you want.​


We also deliver presentations and speaking sessions on game-based solutions and marketing gamification. Should you wish to book Albert van der Meer for this then please do contact us.

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Audience Engagement Training

Our gamification training will be available online very soon. However, if you prefer a shorter, more face-2-face oriented training, then we are available to discuss how we can develop this for you and your teams. 

Team-building Game Design

Team-building games are excellent vehicles to promote motivation, communication and collaboration between individuals in your teams and companies.
We can help you design an experience that will improve your teams cooperation, or you can peruse the various offerings we have in our game-based learning experiences assortment on our products page.

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