Consultation Sessions

Are you struggling with creating an engaging experience for your audience with your business?
If so, we offer a variety of tailored product-based services that can help you solve those problems in any shape or form.

æStranger helps you to create specific and tailored audience experience design solutions to solve your particular business problem.

We work with you to do thorough research into who you are, who your target audience is and what their wants, needs and behaviours are. Through this, we try to maximise the success rate of the solutions we develop with you.

As such the audience experience design solution will be custom-built for you. This is our most popular approach.

If you want to check a few things, then you are welcome to contact us.

Or if you wish, you can jump straight into it and book a session through the options below, and we can explore together what the possibilities are for you.

With an email, we will give broad answers and some general advice around the issues that you are concerned with, and determine whether an AEX design solution is right for you.

For a more directed answer, then please do book one of the consulting sessions below.

To make these sessions worthwhile you should have a few things ready and sent through to us prior to the call:

Creating an AEX design solution is probably not easy to sell internally or to stakeholders. So if you have any concerns at all, then please do consider booking one of the 30-minute, 60-minute or 2-hour sessions.

Below are a variety of options, you can start with a paid 30-minute call with Albert van der Meer, and discuss your specific problem, and see if we can deliver what you need and want. And this can evolve into either some of the other consulting call offerings or into full-day consulting sessions to develop, implement and execute a customized audience experience design solution for you.

Single Consultation Sessions

Consulting Session

Total payment: €65.00

Consulting Session

Total payment: €120.00

Consulting Session

Total payment: €230.00

Full Project Consultation

Per-day Consultation

Quote: €1,200.00

5-day Consultation

Quote: €5,700.00

10-day Consultation

Quote: €11,400.00


30 Minute Consultation

The 30-minute call is our lowest cost standard product offering. 

If you are unsure of whether the Audience Engagement & Experience Design process is right for you then this is the product for you.
We generally ask you to come with at least an idea of the project you wish to discuss and if there are any projects goals or reasons for the project to be started.

The 30-minute call does have a cost of €65, but you do receive a 50 voucher that you can redeem on any of our products that are over €500 (combined).

But what do you get for your 30-minutes and 50 voucher? In the call we will look at the viability of your project, using our in-house viability matrix, we will also discuss with you what has been tried so far, how this project fits your business strategy and who your audience is and how they go through the experience.

Based on the conversation we will decide together what the next best steps are that you should take, be that a continuing conversation with us or something else.

If you feel you wish to delve a little deeper into the possibilities of AEX design solutions, based on this short conversation, then we can recommend that you consider our 60-minute or 2-hour packages, with which we look at your project and company in a bit more depth.

Should you have queries around what you will get out of the call or whether the price is worth it, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to discuss any concerns with you.