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Types of Trainings & Workshops offered @ æStranger

Marketing Gamification Workshop

Engaging Your Customers with Marketing Gamification

Marketers are always looking for new ways to influence or motivate us to be better engaged with their products, services, and brands.

This is where marketing gamification comes in. It is the practice of taking the motivational elements of games (like challenges, achievements and teams) and applying them intelligently in real-life situations to improve engagement and performance.

With many success stories from the likes of LinkedIn, Delta Airlines, Starbucks, and Duolingo, marketing gamification is already a well-established practice, but many businesses are wary of jumping in without a guide – especially as there have been so many high-profile failures.

Designed and written specifically for marketing professionals, our Marketing Gamification Workshop and our book: Press Start – Using Gamification to Power-up Your Marketingexplores the benefits and uses of gamification, and ties together motivational psychology and case studies with popular game mechanics and design principles. The workshop and the accompanying book will provide participants with a step-by-step guide and process for successfully designing their own marketing gamification solutions.


Workshop Aims & Outcomes

Learning Benefits


The content we will cover through the 2-day Workshop

  1. What is Gamification – overview and explanation
  2. Defining Game Goals – Business objectives
  3. Determining Players – Customer segmentation
  4. Defining Win State – Rules of the game
  5. Determining Game mechanics – Fun & engagement
  6. Building a Game Journey – Customer journey & quests
  7. Creating & Developing your own Gamified Marketing Campaign!


Workshop Outline

Day 1

Day 2


Albert van der Meer

 Albert is a creative gamification consultant based in the Netherlands, with expertise in narrative and visual entertainment, storytelling and teaching, with experience gained as a freelance filmmaker, media producer, and team-building facilitator. He has worked with many international businesses, including Education First, Hult International Business School, England & Wales Cricket Board, and UK Sport.

Business Gamification Workshop

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