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Are you trying to find a new and interesting way to re-/engage your audience?
Well, we offer a variety of product services to help you improve your audience’s engagement in the short and long term.

æStranger can help and support you in creating a larger more holistic solution to your business problems. 

We offer various short one day or multi-day training and workshop options.

As with our other offerings, we will work with you to develop a customised solution and to ensure that both you and your target audience receive the right experience.

If you would like to discuss any of the below products in greater detail then please do send us an email, or you can book one of our consultation calls, just click the button below.

Published Books

Press Start

Using Gamification to
Power-up Your Marketing

Published Book

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Skill Tree

Cost: €29.95 €11.99
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Simulation Scenario Packs

Restaurant Manager
Scenario pack

Cost: €49.99 €29.99

Scenario pack

Cost: €39.99 €19.99

Skill Tree Workbook


Are struggling to figure what you are good at? Do you wish you could change your job but your not sure what your specialisations are or what you’re able to offer a prospective employer? Are you trying to get the promotion or raise for the job you’ve been for a while now?

æStranger’s Skill Tree Workbook offers you a variety of exercises that allow you to discover and reflect upon the various skills and talents you have as a professional.

By the end of the workbook, once you have finished the various exercises, you will have a (physical) SKILL TREE representation of everything you know and are capable of.

The aim is for you to figure out your capabilities and to have these at hand so that you can update that CV that’s been sitting there for too long. Or to support you in having clear examples when you go to an interview.

And should you be looking to advance your career in your current position, then the exercise will give the ammunition you need to push through for the promotion or raise that you’ve been deserving of for so long. 

Additionally, when you purchase the workbook, you will receive a unique code that you can redeem to get a discounted 2-hour session with our Chief Crafter, Albert van der Meer. Once you’ve completed the exercises and have sent through all the information to our chief crafter, then he will do a 1-on-1 debriefing session with you. In this session, you will both explore what you’ve done and what you hope to achieve. 

This is one of our more successful and popular products, with several individuals already having benefited from it by gaining the job change that they hoped for.


Skill Tree

Cost: €29.95 €11.99
Coming Soon