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It’s easily one of the best courses to teach you how to set goals & outcomes not just for your business but for the thing you should value the most, your customers, or your audience! This course helps you focus on them and makes it so that everyone wins.

Anonymous, Manager

The Course Includes:

Getting to see case studies of companies who have used similar processes and have been successful is invaluable.  A course that gives you that and a step-by-step guide is incredible. ― Anonymous, Executive Director

What Do You Get From This Course?

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Developed By Proven A Professional

In a rapidly changing marketing ecosystem, you should learn from the best. 

Albert van der Meer

Albert started, as a Creative Consultant, based in the Netherlands. His expertise lies specifically in narrative and visual entertainment/storytelling. With these skills and knowledge, he helps businesses, educational institutions, and other corporate environments to better improve team cooperation and develop deeper, more meaningful learning through the use of narrative and gameful design techniques. Before starting aeStranger, Albert worked several years as a media producer, team-building facilitator and a freelance filmmaker in Europe and the UK. After a successful career helping business schools, businesses, upcoming and established, as well as music and film talents, Albert now aids and helps these various institutions and individuals with delivering better learning experiences for their teams and clients.

Hear From Other Participants

Fellow industry professionals who have done the course want to tell you about it

Joe Pulizzi
Author of various books including 'Killing Marketing', 'Content Inc.' and 'Epic Content Marketing'

“For serious marketers only! If you are looking to integrate gamification into your marketing strategy, well, you’ve come to the right place. This is the bible. Finally a truly strategic approach to an often-times misunderstood practice.”

Tony Wood
MD of X Factor Communications and co-founder of Virgin Money

“Marketing gamification is one of the best-kept business secrets of our time. Press Start is the insight-packed roadmap every marketer needs to unlock commercial rewards from gameplay in solving real-world customer problems.”

Thomas Clever
Managing Director and Co-Founder, Clever Franke

Press Start is a particularly insightful book and easy read for anyone interested in game mechanics. Van der Meer and Griffin turn industry jargon into a practical and useful framework that can be applied to a multitude of business challenges right away.”

Professor Kai Peters
Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Business and Law at Coventry University

Press Start provides thoughtful insight into the psychology of customer engagement, with a focus on how lessons from the world of games can generate ongoing customer loyalty. The book is a well-written, entertaining blueprint for marketers who would like to understand the opportunities f gamification, but also need to understand the pitfalls of bad game design. It is of particular relevance for marketers seeking to build on-going, multi-round, long term customer relationships with their customers.”

Dr Albert Zandvoort
Professor at HEC Business School, Psychotherapist and Entrepreneur

“Play has created strong communities since the dawn of mankind. This ground breaking book elegantly builds upon philosopher Huizinga’s concept of purposeful play and seamlessly links it to neurobiological research, motivational theory and consumer behaviour. In this thoughtful and well-researched book, the authors have masterfully blended accessible theory with practical advice which will help the reader develop their own, detailed marketing gamification strategy.”

David Mayer
Leadership Partner in Data and Analytics, Gartner

Press Start upends conventional thinking in marketing and goes a step further – hacking directly into aspects of human motivation and psychology to provide a genuinely revolutionary path to customer connection. Gamification is a megatrend that will soon be a determining factor in the success of marketing firms, and this is the ur-text to kick-start your gamification strategy.”

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Sarah Sherwin
Managing Director, Broad Street Communications Ltd.

“Whether you are an experienced marketer or just starting out on your career, Press Start provides a useful overview of the fundamental principles of marketing – from Maslow’s Hierarchy and the core motivational levers, to the modern complexity of human behaviour and a new tier of human needs. With tried and tested case studies Press Start will set your goals and metrics, build a business case and develop your own marketing gamification strategy.”

Simon Heyes
founder of Novel

“For anyone wanting to understand, apply and implement gamification when it comes to marketing, read this book. Dan and Albert leave no stone unturned, analysing motivation and psychological theories, providing real-life case studies, stories and principles., whilst providing you with a toolkit to design your own gamification solution to allow you to better connect with your clients and potential customers.”

So what's in the Course?

When doing research or working with clients, I’m usually initially met with a misunderstanding of what constitutes engagement. There are a great many sources and case studies that are focused on using basic elements and mechanics to engage users or customers. What I’ve struggled to find is any material that deals with engagement from a holistic perspective, and any kind of practical guide that gives a step-by-step explanation of what to do and how to implement it.

That’s why I decided to create this course. An immediately actionable and implementable guide to boosting your audience acquisition and retention with a selection of the most powerful tools that can be applied to any business. This is a practical course for any business owner, educator or entrepreneur, built and crafted by a business owner, educator and entrepreneur.

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We start the book off by explaining what gamification is (and what it isn’t), its history, and why it’s important. If you’re new to gamification then this will be vital reading to understand the basic principles and terminology that we will be relying on throughout the book. If you’re an old hand at gamification, consider this good revision and an insight into our own perspectives on what gamification means to marketers.

Once we’ve agreed on what gamification is, the next section looks in-depth at why it works. We cover a lot of psychological theories here (and skip over even more entirely for the sake of brevity) to make sure that you understand the basics of why humans are motivated to act the way they do, and how individuals prioritise their motivations (both consciously and unconsciously). We aim to take you on a quick journey through human evolution and how it has shaped us into the irrational thinkers we are today.

Theory out of the way, this section starts to break down the different motivational factors that will influence your customers and how you can develop gamification solutions around them. Each chapter will examine one motivational lever (purpose, mastery, autonomy, etc), and discuss the various game techniques you can utilise to impact it. We also cover some of the weaknesses and traps that you can encounter when trying to implement game mechanics to each specific motivator.

Finally, we walk you step by step through building your own gamification solution. We guide you through setting goals, identifying gamification use cases, segmenting your customers/players, designing the gamification solution itself, and measuring the impacts of your solution. We also refresh your memory of some of the bigger problems you could encounter when implementing gamification and how you can hopefully avoid them.

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Before you go!

Before you go and grab your copy of Press Start, would you like your free White Paper on how to better engage your audience and other bonuses?

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.