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æStranger is here to help you improve and increase engagement for your audiences. Together with you, we will find the right outcomes for you, using both game-based techniques and methods taken from behaviourism.

We are primarily focused on improving audience engagement, we also offer team-oriented learning experiences and workshops on gamified marketing solutions.

Led by Albert van der Meer, a long time producer,  facilitator, consultant, and co-author of Press Start – Using Gamification to Power-up Your Marketing available on Amazon, which was shortlisted for Business Book of the Year Award for 2020.

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What we Provide

Marketing Gamification

More than 90% of Marketers love what Gamification provides to them. (OptinMonster)

Marketing Gamification takes game elements & implements them into your campaigns & processes to make them more engaging. And we at æStranger want to work with you to do this for your business.

Audience Engagement

Audience engagement increases by more than 40% when incorporating interactive game-based solutions. (FinancesOnline)

We at æStranger will help you improve your engagement level using our audience engagement & audience experience design frameworks as found in our book Press Start.

Gamification Training

At least 80% of employees say that a gamified environment has made them feel more motivated & productive. (TalentLMS)

With æStranger, you can join various masterclasses & courses, both online and offline, to learn how to implement game-based solutions in your organisation.

Team-Building Experiences

Over 94% of employees have said that team-building has helped them with relationships with colleagues & employers. (HumanResourcesToday)

æStranger's team-oriented & team-building experiences will help improve your employee's motivation.

Gamification Workshops

70% or more of the workforce are Millennials, so having gamified experiences will become a necessity. (FinancesOnline)

æStranger offers various Gamification Workshops on improving engagement, communication & collaboration. We are also available to discuss more bespoke workshops that fit your needs.

Standalone Offerings

æStranger believes that gamification is for, and can be done by everyone!

So, if you feel that you would rather deliver & facilitate one of our game-based experiences yourself or simply want to read & learn about gamification in general, then we have several products just for you.

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æ is about sharing with and helping everyone who is interested in the ideas, theories and applications of AE & AX Design, behavioural psychology, UX Design, gamification, gameful design, gaming and team engagement.

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æStranger is committed to working with you to determine whether an AE & AX Design solution is correct for you and to deliver one that aligns with you and your audience’s hopes and desires.

We are always open to discuss ideas and possibilities of AE & AX Design solutions that will help you and your organisation. So do feel free to email us and we can have a conversation about what you want and need.

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Affiliate products: If you feel inspired and would like to try gamifying your own website, then GamiPress is all you need to gamify your WordPress website. It has all the basics to get started straight away.