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"Tell me, and I'll forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I'll understand." – Benjamin Franklin

What is æStranger.com?

A collection of estranged strangers coming together in the spirit of community to share and learn.

æStranger.com was created because I wanted to share my passion and interest in filmmaking, gaming, gamification, and everything else that sits under visual interactive entertainment. Hopefully, it also creates a platform for you and others who are interested in gaming and filmmaking and wish to learn more about it.

Though you may be wondering why the name æStranger? Well, we are all strangers or outsiders at some point, I know I’ve been that many times in my life. But being strange is a good thing, it means we’re different, and through those differences, we can learn more, from ourselves and from each other.

Why start æStranger.com?

Adding more viewpoints to the world is a good thing, it means we can learn more, and more effectively.

My interest in filmmaking started over two decades ago, my interest in gameful design and gamification is more recent, only being half a decade now. But in both cases, I’ve always found that there are too few places that offer useful and concrete information on how to do certain things in filmmaking and gamification.

I’ve had a long passion for both films and gaming, and if you’re here, I bet you have the same passion and interest. But probably like you, I’ve wanted to do more with that passion, like how to incorporate that into a learning situation, such as a high school class, or a business school seminar. Or perhaps how to improve a work environment using ideas and concepts from those fields. Well, here we want to discover how these can contribute to better learning and more meaningful experiences for individuals of all ages.

My promise to you…

To provide a fun, challenging and motivating learning experience!

The world of filmmaking is well over a century old, but the world of game creation and especially gamification are very new. We have all seen how relevant they have become in just the last few years and that relevance will only increase. But I believe there are still too few resources out there that effectively look at visual interactive entertainment.

Our goal at æStranger is to challenge you, you may not always agree with us, but that’s okay, we accept that you’re also strange. We also want you to have fun, because that means you’re learning better and more effectively. And lastly, we want you to feel motivated, to motivate yourself and others around you to gamify your learning or work and be more visually enhanced and enlightened in your daily life.

æStranger.com regularly posts blogs on a great number of topics, where we hope we shed some light on the why and how of certain processes and methods in filmmaking and gamification – whether it’s how best to film on a shoestring budget, what’s the best technique to film if you only have one camera, or what mechanics and elements of gamifying this activity work or don’t work, and the reasons behind that.

Member of the Open Gamification Code of Ethics
Member of the Open Gamification Code of Ethics

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