background info

Learning through Adventure & Storytelling


Our Mission

It is our mission to solve issues around learning participation by engaging people through challenging and enjoyable game-based experiences, to deliver meaningful and long-term results.

Our Vision

We want to provide people with the opportunity to learn and experience the world as the exciting adventure it is meant to be. Through these experiences we aim to enrich learning and uncover new perspectives that allow for better communication and understanding between everyone.


The visionaries

Albert van der Meer

Albert started aeStranger.com, as a Creative Consultant, based in the Netherlands. His expertise lies specifically in narrative and visual entertainment/storytelling. With these skills and knowledge, he helps businesses, educational institutions, and other corporate environments to better improve team cooperation and develop deeper, more meaningful learning through the use of narrative and gameful design techniques.

Before starting aeStranger, Albert worked several years as a media producer, team-building facilitator and a freelance filmmaker in Europe and the UK. After a successful career helping business schools, businesses, upcoming and established, as well as music and film talents, Albert now aids and helps these various institutions and individuals with delivering better learning experiences for their teams and clients.

If you wish to Contact Albert about any of his thoughts or for Creative Consulting work then please don’t hesitate to head over to the Contact page and send him a message and check out LinkedIn!