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We explore the wonderful world of video culture and gameful design

Albert van der Meer, the man behind aeStranger, is a European-based Professional in visual entertainment. With an MA in Film Production, his expertise lies in exploring concepts, narratives, and practices in visual entertainment from a creative and academic standpoint.

Albert is always striving to find or discover the next original and innovative idea in telling stories to a broad spectrum of people in the most visually imaginative manner possible. His skills lie firstly in filmmaking & the academia behind visual entertainment, and secondly, they have moved towards the theories around learning and storytelling in game design and game development. His current interest is the blurring of lines that Virtual Reality is causing between the film and the game experience.

If you wish to Contact Albert about any of his thoughts or for Creative Consulting work then please don't hesitate to head over to the Contact page and send him a message and check out LinkedIn!

Member of the Open Gamification Code of Ethics
Member of the Open Gamification Code of Ethics