Blogging Guidelines

What are we looking for?

We want blogs that speak to the (serious) gaming and gamification community. Doesn’t matter if it’s education, learning & development, HR, team-building or other niche areas.

When writing, think about what information you would like to read about. Drawing on your own experiences and expertise.
It should be something practical, informational and thought-provoking. We want to see a similar depth of content to what we generally feature on aeStranger, articles and pieces that showcase and share expertise in gamification.
If it meets those criteria then you are welcome to

The best blogs will be selected by the editor and/or owner of and featured on the front page for 1-3 weeks. It will also be promoted across various social media platforms.
Please check out our blog page to see what kind of topics we generally cover on


  1.’s Blogs are intended for articles about gamification, serious gaming and how gaming can be a force for good in society. That means that everyone who has a passion within that area is welcome to submit an article – as long as your posts are about the positive things we can do with gamification and gaming.
  2. Feel free to repost content from your own personal blog, and note that makes no claim to ownership of user-submitted materials. We just want to highlight great writing about gamification and gaming. That said though, you may not post material you did not write, or that you do not have full permission to reprint. Also, please no teaser-link posts — reprint your blog post in its entirety. Feel free to link back to your site, however. If it is discovered that you did not write the content you submitted, then all of it will be removed. We do not promote plagiarism on
  3. While will be evaluating content submitted to the blogs, please refrain from posting inappropriate content that will in all likelihood be removed. Use your best judgment, and please steer clear of pornographic images or excessive profanity; the line should be pretty clear in most cases! In addition, we would ask that your blog does not wholly advertise products or services at the exclusivity of anything else. Our goal is absolutely not to modify or censor material, but illegal or highly objectionable content will be necessarily excised.
  4. Feel free to format your posts, within reason. Don’t make them too visually outrageous — too many colors and font sizes will just make things harder to read! Also, please note that images should be linked and desired pixel sizes added when submitting.
  5. All blog submissions must include the full name of the author. In the case where there are multiple authors to a single submission, one should add them and credit them within the post.
  6. does reserve the right to evaluate and either accept or reject blog submissions as we see fit. This is to maintain the integrity and purpose of our platform.

For further guidelines on the ethics of gamification:

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