Lifeboat Scenario Pack

The Lifeboat Scenario is designed to make individuals consider their own biases and perspectives when it comes to making decisions often based on limited and incomplete information.

For this particular scenario, the Survive the Apocalypse version, participants are given a list of 15 characters, from which they must select a possible 8 characters who will be allowed to join them in a lifeboat, in this case a bunker.



Product Information

In the scenario pack you will receive 9 PDF file’s, which will guide you to facilitate a group learning experience. The players will need to achieve the objective’s listed in the instruction document entirely by themselves and as a group.

The scenario is primarily aimed at people and teams in managerial positions, to improve their cooperation skills, communication skills, critical decision-making, data gathering & data analysis skills. The scenario can also be used for team-building & group learning exercises within academic institutions and other environments.

The experience is not location specific and can be done anywhere, including remotely/online. The number of people that take part will need to work out to group sizes that have multiples of 5-6 people in them.

As an objective, each group will first make their own personal selections and then discuss as a group and make a group selection. Upon which choices will be reflected upon and discussed as to the why’s and why not’s for the choices made.

Tons of players can't be wrong

Straight forward and easy to understand, despite the heavy subject matter.


Engaging concept! Really made you think about yourself.


Very good experience!


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Lifeboat Scenario Pack


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