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AEX Design Fundamentals: Building Audience Engagement

Being engaged in learning will make you better at understanding & engaging your audience

Be the best at engaging your audience!

æStranger’s Fundamentals Course in Audience Engagement & Experience (AEX) Design gives you the tools and knowledge to power-up your career and business. 12 on-demand episodes based on two decades worth of experience and knowledge from Albert van der Meer, and more.

This course is designed for anyone from any background. Whether your starting out in your professional career or are already a few years into it, this course will help you refine your expertise.

Joining the course will offer you a wide ranging network of other professionals, as well as the opportunity to converse with Albert himself when you finish the course.

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Go on an adventure & learn to engage your audience with the 12 episodes in the AEX Design Fundamentals Course

Delivered to you by Albert C.Z. van der Meer, the Fundamentals Course in AEX Design will start off with how to define and state your epic goals and from there it will take you through every aspect and technique needed to develop a successful strategy to fully engage your audiences. 

Episode 0



Episode length: 10 mins | Study time: 30 mins

Effectively engaging your audience has always been important. But with their attention being grabbed by a thousand and one other things, it’s never been more difficult. Understanding what your audience wants is the first step.

Episode 1


Episode length: 13 mins | Study time: 2 hrs

Knowing what your goals are, and what your audience’s goals are is essential before getting started with any project. You must understand why and what your audience wants and needs from you if you are to be successful.

Episode 2

Targets, Milestones & Rewards

Episode length: 13 mins | Study time: 2 hrs

If EPICQ goals are the overarching objectives that you and your audience want to achieve, then TMRs are the steppingstones to how you get to those lofty plans and ideas

Episode 3

Case Study

Episode length: 12 mins | Study time: 2 hrs

Learning techniques and understanding the theory is only one aspect of knowing how to engage an audience. Seeing it put into practice and doing it yourself is the other side of the coin.

Episode 4

The 3Ps

Episode length: 14 mins | Study time: 2 hrs

The 3Ps stand for Points of Purpose, Points of Interest and Points of Pain. These are the touchpoints that get your audience to interact with, take action towards and overcome or drop-off within your provided experience.

Episode 5

Case Study

Episode length: 9 mins | Study time: 2 hrs

Having ever more examples of how companies use the techniques given only helps strengthen the learning of those tools.

Episode 6


Episode length: 14 mins | Study time: 2 hrs

Engaging your audience is only effective if you know who, what and which audience you want to engage.

Episode 7

The Experience Path

Episode length: 12 mins | Study time: 2 hrs

Now that you’ve defined your goals, touchpoints and action plan, next you to develop the journey your audience will take through the experience that you provide.

Episode 8

Case Study

Episode length: 10 mins | Study time: 2 hrs

Practice makes perfect, and practice cements knowledge and learning.

Episode 9

Engagement Mechanics

Episode length: 14 mins | Study time: 2 hrs

This is where you learn to recognise and understand the delicate interplay of how mechanics, elements and triggers can be used to effectively engage a variety of audiences.

Episode 10

Reflection & Metrics

Episode length: 12 mins | Study time: 2 hrs

How has the project gone, was it a success or a failure? Being able to reflect and measure is a vital aspect of any strategy.

Episode 11

Finale – Case Study

Episode length: 20 mins | Study time: 2 hrs

The final case study is where we bring everything together from the entire course and analyse a business from start to finish using all seven techniques and tools.


In case we haven't covered everything, have a look through our frequently asked questions.

If you’re starting out in business, marketing or gamification, then this course has the tools that will help you out. And if you’re already a few years into your career then this course has a great many case studies and exercises that will help you refine your expertise.

This course is the ideal addition to any formal educational degree you might have done before. As many are heavy on theory, this course will give you practical and applicable examples and techniques to give you that extra boost.

The AEX Design Fundamentals Course consists of 12 on-demand episodes. Each episode lasts between 10 and 20 minutes. The recommendation is that you do at least one episode a week along with the recommended quests, homework and  the additional resources.

One episode a week is recommended as this will allow you to spend the appropriate amount of time on each piece of learning. As well as allow you enough time to reflect on the work and progress you have done so far.

If life gets a bit too busy, try not to leave more than a working week between each of the episodes.

Overall it is possible to finish the course in 2-3 months at this rate.

Despite this being a fundamentals course, don’t be fooled. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. The intensity of the course is set by your level of commitment. 

So, if you simply want a surface-level experience then the course episodes will be enough on their own.

But if you wish to get the maximum out of the course and understand how powerful the tools and techniques are, then setting aside at least 2-3 hours per session is recommended.

This will give you the bare minimum of time to watch the episode, understand and learn its content, as well as do the additional resource learning and the homework quests given to you.

The course is priced at a very competitive €239 inc. VAT in price. But the value you will get is the same as a full-on 1-to-1 consulting project with æStranger, which starts at €16,000.

What you will get out of the course is a fully functioning and implementable audience engagement strategy by the end.

But only if you the homework and quests given throughout the course with each episode. 

The content is valuable, but the real value comes from you engaging with the course and its content.

You can take the course anywhere and any time. There are no restrictions to time and place. Nor are there restrictions to whether you require prior knowledge. This is a fundamentals course after all.

Though depending on the country/territory that you are, aeStranger cannot guarantee access. Some countries currently have restrictive laws and/or strict controls around streaming and video content.

Please research beforehand whether this is true for your location, as aeStranger is not liable for nor can it help you access the course if you are in a restricted location.

That’s really easy. Just hit that big BUY NOW button at the top of the screen, or hit one of the buttons below this FAQ to get going and start your adventure in learning!

When you successfully finish the AEX Design Fundamentals Course, you will receive an æStranger accredited Certificate of completion, as well as an æStranger accredited Badge of completion, which you can proudly display on your LinkedIn profile, or any other social media platform you use.

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Before you go!

Before you go and grab your copy of Press Start, would you like your free White Paper on how to better engage your audience and other bonuses?

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.