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AEX Design Fundamentals: Building Audience Engagement

5 stars

Level Up Your Engagement Strategy With The Best Course Available Anywhere

Go from being a level 1 beginner to a level 100 master and boost your business’s audience engagement strategy and performance with the latest tools and techniques.

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Built for gamifiers, managers , marketers and more…

Flexible, top-tier online training from one of the leading specialists in the field. Designed and crafted by an engagement expert for anyone from any background looking to better engage their audiences.

Getting your audience to engage and stay with you all comes down to having the best plan, strategy and most successful implementation.  Now this is probably self-evident, but a lot of professionals, young and even experienced, sometimes get lost in the idea and the possibilities without getting a good action plan in place first. And a great many shockingly don’t even have the foundational knowledge needed to get this done.

That’s why I’ve developed the Fundamentals Course in Audience Engagement and Experience Design, or AEX Design for short.

I’ve distilled my knowledge and experience of engagement theory and strategy that I’ve accrued over the last two decades into a 12-episode on-demand video course that includes a work book and a variety of additional learning resources with each episode.

 The aim of this course is to make it more accessible and affordable for those starting out in the business world, and for those who are experienced but wish to keep on learning.

By the end of the course I guarantee that you will be able to increase engagement with your customers, employees, students, users or players.

You will have a complete understanding of the fundamentals of crafting an engagement strategy, developing an effective plan and achieving success by improving conversion rates, retention and loyalty to your business and brand!

Whether your audiences are customers, employees, students, or something else, learn to grab & keep their attention with tried & true up-to-date methods & strategies


Is all it takes

12 Episodes

Of training

100% Online

Access on any device


Worth of value

What do you get?

Delivered by Albert van der Meer, the AEX Design Fundamentals Course takes you through the foundational techniques and processes of Audience Engagement and Experience Design in just 12 on-demand episodes.

It kicks off with how to set your own epic goals, and from there it’ll take you through a step-by-step process of how you can develop an effective and successful engagement strategy so that you can better gain and retain a loyal audience for your service and/or product.

Each episode has a run time between 10 and 20 minutes. On top of that you get a dedicated workbook so that you can develop your own engagement strategy alongside the episodes, as well as keep track of your progress. You also have the option to join a dedicated community of other professionals who have done or are taking the course.

 But that isn’t everything. 

Each episode also has a list of additional resources that you can read, watch and listen, to further augment your learning on top of what is offered by æStranger.

And as a final bonus, each episode also has a special item that if collected will unlock a special bonus in the final episode. But you’ll only discover that once you’ve finished the course!

How is it structured then?

The entire course is made up of 12 episodes. These 12 episodes are technically split into 4-5 sections, each section ends with a special case study episode and a small pop-quiz. 

Not that these are the only times you get to see case studies. Each episode in fact, even the free preview episode, includes a case study. 

The way it’s been done, is that each episode brings the theory and covers a specific technique. Once that is done it then uses a case study to analyse how a successful company has used those (similar) techniques to achieve their success. And then after a handful of episodes that section ends with the full case study episode, that combines the previous techniques to evaluate how companies have used them to be effective and successful in their audience engagement strategies.

Why the price?

Audience engagement design, as you will discover in this course, is about aligning the goals between you and your audience. And that once these goals are aligned correctly, then both sides should always leave the experience with a net positive outcome. There is an intrinsic value and an extrinsic value associated with what you and the audience gain.

Now that’s just a fancy way of saying that the there is a specific value associated with the content that is being delivered to you. 

If you have a look at the Solutions and the Consulting pages, then you will see that there are a variety of monetary values associated with the services that æStranger provides.

The value you get from this course is: 180 minutes of dedicated video, an attached workbook, various additional resources and a dedicated community group.

And after finishing the course you will have a working audience engagement strategy that you can use for your own organisation. As well as a special bonus from Albert van der Meer.

Now all of this content is essentially what is delivered during a project if you choose to work and collaborate with æStranger, hence the value of this course is certainly worth more than the €6,990.

But I’ve been where you are, you’re likely either at the start of your career, or on your way. This is a beginner’s course after all, so to ask that amount of you would be too much. This is course is here to help you, not to break the bank or suck away your time. 

And that’s why I believe that €239 for life-time access is a much more fair value to ask of you and your time. 

Why should you get this course?

This course has been especially crafted and developed so that you can get that extra boost in your career.

If you were either lacking or want more on top of your formal education thus far, then this course will augment your learning and experience with applicable knowledge based on gamification, marketing, business strategy and behavioural psychology. 

What makes this course different from others is that it doesn’t just simply throw theory at you. Each episode builds on the last with different techniques and a specific case study that showcases how these techniques can be used effectively. On top of that, you are given homework, or rather a mission or quest, to practice these techniques yourself. Examples and a step-by-step process is outlined for you, so that you have an easy to follow structure that will enhance the learning process for you.

This is a Fundamentals Course in AEX design, so it is best suited for those of you early on in your career, but the course certainly has more than enough value no matter where you are in your career. If you wish to learn new techniques or simply brush up on known ones with a new perspective, then this course definitely has something for you.

Testimonials from Students

What our current and past students have said about the course


Engaging and practical

Halfway through and already found many practical ways to improve and apply what I've learned to my work as a marketer. Would recommend to any marketer trying to find a better way to engage their customers more effectively
Daniel Griffin
Marketing Executive

Episode 0 - Welcome

Excellent overview and motivational start. Love the GoPro story - ready to go.
Dr Albert Zandvoort
Professor at HEC Business School, Psychotherapist and Entrepreneur

Hear From Others

What a selection of fellow industry professionals think about the book that the course is based on

Dr Albert Zandvoort
Professor at HEC Business School, Psychotherapist and Entrepreneur

“Play has created strong communities since the dawn of mankind. This ground breaking book elegantly builds upon philosopher Huizinga’s concept of purposeful play and seamlessly links it to neurobiological research, motivational theory and consumer behaviour. In this thoughtful and well-researched book, the authors have masterfully blended accessible theory with practical advice which will help the reader develop their own, detailed marketing gamification strategy.”

Thomas Clever
Managing Director and Co-Founder, Clever Franke

Press Start is a particularly insightful book and easy read for anyone interested in game mechanics. Van der Meer and Griffin turn industry jargon into a practical and useful framework that can be applied to a multitude of business challenges right away.”

Sarah Sherwin
Managing Director, Broad Street Communications Ltd.

“Whether you are an experienced marketer or just starting out on your career, Press Start provides a useful overview of the fundamental principles of marketing – from Maslow’s Hierarchy and the core motivational levers, to the modern complexity of human behaviour and a new tier of human needs. With tried and tested case studies Press Start will set your goals and metrics, build a business case and develop your own marketing gamification strategy.”

Simon Heyes
founder of Novel

“For anyone wanting to understand, apply and implement gamification when it comes to marketing, read this book. Dan and Albert leave no stone unturned, analysing motivation and psychological theories, providing real-life case studies, stories and principles., whilst providing you with a toolkit to design your own gamification solution to allow you to better connect with your clients and potential customers.”

who is æStranger & Albert van der Meer?

æStranger was founded by Albert van der Meer, and its Epic goal is to help businesses, organisations and institutions to improve and increase engagement with their audiences. The aim and hope is that both you and your audience come out of any experience with a net positive outcome. Or in other words, everyone finds value in the experience, learned from it and achieved a personal win with it.

And this course embodies those goals and values. Giving you the tools and techniques to achieve just that.

100% online

With 12 on-demand episodes, this is a flexible online course that you can do at your own pace and that you easily fit around your work, your location and your life.

Immediate applicability

With a host of case studies and easy-to-use tools and techniques. Along with special missions, quests and homework, everything in this course can be used straight out of the box.

Growing community

Purchasing the course and joining the community means you become part of a constantly growing group of fellows whose aim is to ensure that every engagement plan is something valuable and worthwhile.

Developed By A Proven Professional

In a rapidly changing business ecosystem, you should learn from the best. 

Chief Crafter

Albert C.Z. van der Meer

Albert’s background is in film production, music videos, documentaries, short films and corporate films. Here he learned the basics of how to engage a broad audience with a lot of different tastes and prejudices. From there he went into live-action business simulations that were based on the film and tv world, engaging and helping marketing teams and management teams to get further in their respective professions. This led him to the world of gamification and eventually to the whole gambit of how to effectively engage all kinds of audiences

Albert has also co-authored a book with his good friend, Daniel Griffin. The book is titledPress Start – Using Gamification to Power-Up Your Marketing’ and was short-listed for the Business Book of the Year award in 2020.


Is all it takes

12 Episodes

Of training

100% Online

Access on any device


Worth of value

Corporate solutions

Do you need more than just online training?

Though the Fundamentals Course in AEX design is intended for individuals or teams who wish to do self-paced learning. aeStranger does offer corporate solutions in which the AEX Design methodology is implemented in your organisation.

In collaboration with you, together we can craft an improved engagement strategy for your business, so that your audience increases and stays for longer.


In case we haven't covered everything, have a look through our frequently asked questions.

If you’re starting out in business, marketing or gamification, then this course has the tools that will help you out. And if you’re already a few years into your career then this course has a great many case studies and exercises that will help you refine your expertise.

This course is the ideal addition to any formal educational degree you might have done before. As many are heavy on theory, this course will give you practical and applicable examples and techniques to give you that extra boost.

The AEX Design Fundamentals Course consists of 12 on-demand episodes. Each episode lasts between 10 and 20 minutes. The recommendation is that you do at least one episode a week along with the recommended quests, homework and  the additional resources.

One episode a week is recommended as this will allow you to spend the appropriate amount of time on each piece of learning. As well as allow you enough time to reflect on the work and progress you have done so far.

If life gets a bit too busy, try not to leave more than a working week between each of the episodes.

Overall it is possible to finish the course in 2-3 months at this rate.

Despite this being a fundamentals course, don’t be fooled. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. The intensity of the course is set by your level of commitment. 

So, if you simply want a surface-level experience then the course episodes will be enough on their own.

But if you wish to get the maximum out of the course and understand how powerful the tools and techniques are, then setting aside at least 2-3 hours per session is recommended.

This will give you the bare minimum of time to watch the episode, understand and learn its content, as well as do the additional resource learning and the homework quests given to you.

The course is priced at a very competitive €239 inc. VAT in price. But the value you will get is the same as a full-on 1-to-1 consulting project with æStranger, which starts at €16,000.

What you will get out of the course is a fully functioning and implementable audience engagement strategy by the end.

But only if you the homework and quests given throughout the course with each episode. 

The content is valuable, but the real value comes from you engaging with the course and its content.

You can take the course anywhere and any time. There are no restrictions to time and place. Nor are there restrictions to whether you require prior knowledge. This is a fundamentals course after all.

Though depending on the country/territory that you are, aeStranger cannot guarantee access. Some countries currently have restrictive laws and/or strict controls around streaming and video content.

Please research beforehand whether this is true for your location, as aeStranger is not liable for nor can it help you access the course if you are in a restricted location.

That’s really easy. Just hit that big BUY NOW button at the top of the screen, or hit one of the buttons below this FAQ to get going and start your adventure in learning!


When you successfully finish the AEX Design Fundamentals Course, you will receive an æStranger accredited Certificate of completion, as well as an æStranger accredited Badge of completion, which you can proudly display on your LinkedIn profile, or any other social media platform you use.

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Before you go!

Before you go and grab your copy of Press Start, would you like your free White Paper on how to better engage your audience and other bonuses?

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