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æStranger will offer a variety of online courses for you to purchase and follow should you wish to try your own hand at AEX Design, Gamification, Behavioural Design and more.

Currently, we are working on our Audience Engagement & Experience Design course, which will be coming very soon.

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Should you have any questions about other courses or bespoke ones for you and your organisation, then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Coming Soon

AEX Design

Teaches you how to develop your own AEX Design Solutions

Cost: €89.99 €19.99

Coming Soon

Gamification in Marketing

Teaches you how to develop your own Gamified Marketing Campaign

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New courses coming soon!

AEX Design Course


The AEX Design course is æStranger’s proprietary online course that will teach you fully how to best use and implement the Audience Engagement & Experience design methodology.

This course will teach you every aspect that you will need to execute the AEX design in your own projects and organisations. 

But should you need further help in trying to sell, implement or anything else associated with the process, then you can use your unique product when contacting us and gain a free 30-minute consulting session with our Chief Crafter Albert van der Meer.

This free session will hopefully answer or alleviate any questions and problems that you have. If not then you will always have the option of engaging further to see how we can assist you in reducing or even removing the pain points that you have in your project or business.


AEX Design
Online Course

Cost: €79.99 €19.99